FAQ of hotel in Niseko, Lodge moiwa834

QCan we call a Taxi?
AOr course. Please ask our front desk for help.
QHow do I get to the hotel from Hirafu Welcome Center?
AWe're located 11km away from the Hirafu Welcome Center. Please set your GPS to Niseko Moiwa Ski Resort if you're driving your own car. It will take 15-20 minutes from Hirafu. It will cost ¥3,700-3,800 by taxi in winter, ¥2,500-2,600 in summer. We recommend Niseko Hire: 0136-44-2635
QHow do I get to the hotel from Niseko train station?
AWe're located 8km away from Niseko Station. Please set your GPS to Niseko Moiwa Ski Resort if you're driving your own car. It will take 10-15 minutes from Niseko Station. It will cost about ¥3,100 by taxi in winter, about ¥2,300 in summer. We recommend Niseko Hire: 0136-44-2635
QMy bus stop is Hotel Kanro no Mori/One Niseko Resort Towers. Am I able to walk to the hotel?
AIt will take about 15minutes walk in the snow from the bus stop. Although we're not located very far from it, we would not recommend walking depedning on how much luggage your have or weather condition.
QHow do I get to Kiroro or Rusutsu resorts?
ADonan bus is running buses between Niseko area and surrounding resorts. Please look at Donan bus website for details.
QIs it possible to late check-in, early check-out?
AYes, our front desk is open 24 hours to meet your needs.
QIs it allowed to smoke in the capsules?
AOur hotel is 100% smoke-free. A designated smoking space is located next to the front entrance.
QWhat is provided in the capsule?
AA bath towel, a face towel, a rainbow lighting system, a power outlet, a small coded locker for your valuables and a large locker with a key for your luggage.
QIs it possible to share the capsule with my child?
AWe are sorry, but due to local Fire Defence Law, we are unable to allow more than one person per capsule. We are unable to host children under 5 y/o or any child that is unable to sleep on their own.
QWhat amenity is provided?
AShampoo, conditionner, body soap are provided in the shower room. Hand soap, hair-dryer, cotton-buds and paper cups are provided in the changing room. Razors, toothbrush and earplugs are sold at the front desk.
QIs there a TV in capsule?
AThere are no TV in the capsule. One large TV screen can be found in the lounge.
QIs there WI-FI in the hotel?
AYes, we have WI-FI connection throughout the facility.
QIs there a drying room?
AWe have a designated locker room for drying skis, snowboards, wears, etc… Aside from the storage space unde the capsule, one locker will be assigned to every guest.
QDo you sell cigarettes?
ASorry, we do not sell tobacco in our facility.
QIs there a laundry service?
AWe have 2 Washer/Dryer machines as well as 1 Dryer that can be used at a minimal cost.
QAre there vending machines?
AA vending machine for soft drinks can be found next to the laundry area.
QIs there an ATM in or nearby the premises?
ANo, there are no ATMs in or nearby our hotel. The enarest ATM is located in the 7/11 which is 15 min drive away.
QAre there any places to shop near the Hirafu Welcome Center?
AYes, there are drugstores, convenience shops and grocerie shops.
QIs there any convenience shops nearby?
AThe nearest convenience shop is 15 minutes drive away.
QIs there any hospitals nearby?
ANiseko Clinic (Intenal medicine) is 10 minutes drive away. Kutchan Kosei Hospital is best for emergencies and polyclinic, and is a 30 minutes drive away.
QWhat are the opening hours of the restaurant?
AThe restaurant is open between the below hours.
Breakfast: 7:00am-10:00am (last order 9:30am)
Lunch: 12:00pm-2:30pm
Cafétime: 2:30pm-6:00pm
Dinner: 6:00pm-10:00pm (last order 9:30pm)
QCan we eat dinner after late check in?
ADinner will only be served until 9:30pm, if you check in later, unfortunately we won't be able to serve dinner. Please inform us your arrival time in advance and we will have a snack ready for your late arrival (service only available until 11pm)
QWhere can I eat after 2:30pm?
AOur restaurant's lunch time closes at 2:30pm, but you can enjoy our café menu until 6:00pm.
QCan I chose my dinner time?
ADinner is served between 6:00pm and 9:30pm, please come to our restaurant during this time. We might devide dinner time in two sections (6:00pm-8:00pm & 8:00pm-10:00pm) during peak periods.
QWhen can I eat breakfast?
AWe serve breakfast between 7:00am and 10:00am (last order 9:30am)
QIs the restaurant non-smoking?
AYes, we're 100% smoke free. Designated smoking area is located outside the main entrance.
QDo I need a reservation?
AWe accept walk-ins depending on seats availability, which may be quite limited during peak season.
QCan I eat in my capsule?
ASorry, we don't allow meals in the capsules.
QI am allergic to some food, can the restaurant serve special diet?
AWe will do our best to accommodate your needs as long as we're notified in advance. We may not be able to accommodate sudden notifications, or allergies to main ingredients of the course menu, such as fish or meat in general. Also, we use one facility for cooking and washing, so it will not be possible to eliminate 100% of the allergens. If you are severely allergic to certain food, please understand that we may refrain from serving you any food for your own safety.
QAre there any Onsens nearby?
AThere are 3 Onsens within 10 minutes walk (Yugokoro-tei, One Niseko Resort Tower & Kanro no Mori). 2 others are can be found within 20 minutes walk (Niseko Grand Hotel & Koikawa Onsen)
QWhich Onsen do you recommend?
AThere are 9 different sources of Onsens in Niseko. They're all unique and have their own characteristics and atmospheres. Feel free to ask our Onsen-freak staffs and our Onsen Somelier for their recommendation.
QHow far are the Onsens and how much does it cost to get in?
AAll guests will be able to use our free onsen shuttle bus during winter. You could also walk or drive to many of them as there are 5 different onsens within 20 minutes walk. The entracne fee is usually between ¥500 and ¥1,000.
QWhat are the operating hours of Moiwa resort?
AThe Chair-lifts starts running at 8:30am and closes at 4:00pm.
QWhen's best time to visit during Winter?
AWe typically get the most snowfall of the famous Niseko powder, from late December through to early March.
QWhere can I book a back country tour?
AWe do not run our own tour company, but Powder Company Guides and Niseko Powder Guides are located nearby and are highly recommended.
QWhat types of lift tickets are available in Moiwa?
AThey have 1 day pass, 4 hours pass, single-use ticket as well as season pass. Please have a look at Moiwa's website for details.
QWhere can I book ski/snowboard lessons?
AWe recommend the Niseko Moiwa Ski School which is directly operated by the resort. Please contact the ski school for any questions or reservations regarding lessons. Discounted rates will be offered to our guests. Please notify the the school at the time of reservation.
QWhat's the price and lesson start time of the Niseko Moiwa Ski School?
APlease see Niseko Moiwa Ski School's website for details. Discounted rates will be offered to our guests. Please notify the the school at the time of reservation.
QCan I rent ski/snowboard gears and accessories?
AWe do not have rental equipments. A rental shop is located within the Moiwa Ski Resort. Please see Moiwa Rental shop's website for details.
QWhat are the opening hours of the rental shop?
AThe Rental shop is open from 8:00am to 4:30pm. We recommend reserving your equipments prior to your arrival. Please refer to the rental shop's website for details. (No rental equipment is available in the hotel)
QWhat is available for rent?
ASkis, snowboards, goggles and other various accessories. Everything you need for enjoying your day on the snow. Please see rental shop website for details. (No rental equipment is available in the hotel)
QIs Niseko Moiwa Ski Resort part of the Niseko United?
AThe Niseko United consist of Hanazono, Grand Hirafu, Niseko Village and Niseko Annupuri. Niseko Moiwa is independent from this alliance and operated on its own.
QCan I get a discounted rate on the Niseko United lift tickets?
ASince Moiwa is not a member of the Niseko United, Niseko All mountain passes cannot be purchased in Moiwa.
QWould the Niseko United Shuttle take me to Moiwa?
AUnofrtunately not. The nearest bus stop to Moiwa will be Annupuri ski resort.
QIs there a parking lot?
AWe have a free parking area in front of the facility.
QIs it possible to ship luggages prior to arrival?
AYes, we will keep it safe until your arrival.
QHow long before arrival can we ship luggage?
APlease send it so it arrive on the day or the day before your arrival.
QHow can we ship luggage in advance?
APlease write down your name and check-in date on the waybill and ship it to the below address so it arrives the day before your arrival.

The Lodge Moiwa 834,
447-5 Niseko Niseko Abuta Hokkaido 048-1511 Japan.
Tel: +81-50-3171-5688
QIs it possible to ship luggages to the airport or home from the hotel?
AYes, we can. Prepaid service is avaiable to ship to the airport. Prepaid/pay on delivery service is available for shipping to home addresses. Please ask front desk for details.
QCan luggages be stored after check-out?
AWe will store your belongings on the day of check-out, but no longer.
QIs food included in the lodging fee?
AIt will depend on the time and plan you booked. You can choose the below plans.
Winter season (Dec-Mar): Breakfast only or half-board.
Other season (Apr-Nov): without meals, breakfast only or half-board.
QHow much does it cost to stay?
APlease refer to our reservation page for pricing details.
QIs there any alcoholic beverages sold in vending machines?
ASorry, we do not. We serve alcohol at our bar until 11pm.
QWhat credit cards can be used in the facility?
Phone : +81-50-3171-5688


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