Careers of hotel in Niseko, Lodge moiwa 834


Winter Staff Wanted!!

The Lodge Moiwa 834 where guests from around the world gathers to enjoy the powder snow and wilderness!! We are looking for team-mates to make this awesome lodge even better. Come makes friends and let you and our guests have a stay of a lifetime through our events and services.

Working period
From 1st Dec or 15th Dec to 15th Mar
*working period can be flexible. We may ask you to stay until end March or early April
Hourly wage
From ¥1,000 Please contact Abe for more details
● 3 Kitchen staffs for winter (full time and part time) 【Job Description】
・Cooking Italian and other cuisine with fresh ingredients, baking bread and pizzas under the mentorship of our chef.
・Serve carefully, yet speedily prepared meals to our guests .
・Sourcing and maintaining of the ingredients.
・Cleaning dishes and kitchen.
・Help us run a lively restaurant with the other kitchen and hall team members.
● 4 Hall staffs for winter (part time) 【Job Description】
・Work as a team with the Kitchen crew and serve fresh & delicious Italian food and freshly baked bread to our guests.
・Coomunicate with guests, take their orders and make their drinks.
・Occasionaly help the kitchen or prepare simple food.
・Create a lively atmosphere and have our guests enjoy their meal.
・Help with dish-washing and cleaning of the kitchen.
● 1 to 2 cleaning staffs during winter (part time) 【Job Description】
・Cleaning of all rooms and bed making.
・Looking for a team-mate with a sense of cleanliness to keep our lodge clean!
・Short term wokers during summer/winter peak period are also welcome.
・Working hours and holidays can be flexible. 2-3 days/week are welcome!

We also have year round full time positions available.
Please contact Abe for recritment details

Phone : +81-50-3171-5688


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Check-in 15:00 / Check-out 10:00